Sell on Etsy

You can sell your origami bonsai sculptures on Etsy.  When visitors click the “Buy a Sculpture” option at left they are taken to an Etsy search that looks for origami bonsai sculptures.  Just make sure you put “origami” and “bonsai” in your key words when you list an item on Etsy.

It costs only 20 cents to list an item on Etsy for four months.  The typical origami bonsai receives over 100 views over this period, so if you want to sell one of your creations, Etsy is kind of a “no-brainer.”  When you add an item to Etsy, make sure you include the words “origami” and “bonsai” in the keywords section.  This will allow Etsy to list your sculptures when perspective customers click “Buy a Sculpture” at left and when they click advertisements in Origami Bonsai Electronic Magazine..  If your item is made entirly from Makigami, include the keywords “makigami” and “accessory” to obtain the same benefits from magazine ads.

Click Here to Sell on Etsy