Mag 0  Mag 1

Articles: “Dark Green for Leaves,” “Folding the Ivy Leaf,” “Hybrid Origami Bonsai”

Articles: “Upside Down Flower,” “Parasitic Vines”

 Mag 2  Mag 3

Articles: “Double Dip Color Study,” “Origami Bonsai Chess Sets”

Articles: “5 Petal Origami Bonsai Flower,” “Joost Langeveld,” “Molding Tree Trunks”

 Mag 4  Mag 5

Articles: “Copyright Barrier”, “The Long Narrow Leaf,” “Braiding Makigami

Articles: “Folding the Clematis,” “Origami Rx,” “Pebbles with Variable Color,” “Origami Bonsai Decor”

 Mag 6  Mag 7

Articles: “Flowers that Glow,” “Infinity Petals,” “Belize”

Articles “Root over Rock,” “Origami 101 Preview,” “What to Recycle”

 Mag 8  Mag 9

Articles include snap dragon flower, canopy and micro leaf

Articles include “folding the olive leaf,” “how to mimic clusters of flowers,” and “origami paper.”