Large Variations in Leaf Size

Leaf sizeI was doing an Origami Bonsai demonstration some months ago and asked the audience why I vary the leaf size.  One respondant suggested that it makes my work look more natural.  While both my books discuss varying leaf size from the perspective of depth enhancement, this participant made a really good suggestion that i fnally a time to try the other day.

The plant pictured above is a hybrid combination of an ice plant, a cactus, and a christmas cactus.  A typical ice plant has vastly varrying leaf sizes, so I made made squares that greatly differed in size.  The resultant sculpture is quite interesting.  The large variations in leaf size add a lifelike component to the work.

Large variations in leaf size can be combined with depth enhancement too.  To combine these features, assemble your sculpture with the smaller leaves tending to be rear-most and larger leaves tending to be front-most.