Complex Paper Floral in Vase

This blog post describes how to create a complex origami bonsai sculpture in a vase.  This vase is made of glass and has a smooth surface.  With little or no friction, how can we create a sculpture that won’t require some heavy medium inside the vase, or fall over in the slightest breeze?  The answer involves a little bit of ingenuity and craftsmanship.


I molded two vines to the vase. I didn’t need to cover the vase because any makigami rolling solution that got on it could be easily cleaned off the glass.


I put a plastic bag around the vase to protect it before I attached leaves and flowers to the vine.


I had trouble figuring out how to get the tall flowering stem to stand up in the vase. I didn’t want to add any medium to the vase. I thought that perhaps some long grass would keep the sculpture stable.


I attached a makigami base to the bottom of the tall stem.


You can see that the branch won’t stand up straight in the vase without its makigami base.


With the makigami base the stem will stand up, but the slightest breeze knocked it over.


I added three pieces of long grass hoping that they would stabilize the sculpture.


I discovered that the long grass helped, but didn’t solve the problem. Now a stronger breeze caused the sculpture to fall over.


This is a closeup of the grass and how I used it to stabilize the long stem.


I decided to reconfigure the grass so it would act like a spring when inserted into the vase.


It worked!


The long grass compresses as the sculpture is inserted into the vase and acts like a clamp stabilizing the tall stem.


Here’s the sculpture along with its ivy.


Notice how beautiful and natural looking the ivy is. It looks like it grew around the vase.


Another closeup of the ivy.


The completed sculpture.